2023 Board of Directors Application

2023 Board of Directors Application

Board of Directors Application
BridgeMill homeowners who want to serve on the BMCA Board of Directors must complete this form using Adobe Acrobat, then save the file with their initials in the file name and email to management@bridgemill.org. It may also be printed, filled out and delivered to the BridgeMill HOA
Office: 3542 Sixes Road, Suite 108, Canton, Georgia 30114.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board of Directors, click here for the downloadable application.

All volunteers must also sign the BridgeMill Volunteer Code of Ethics. You will be directed to the Code of Ethics form after submitting your Volunteer Application.

Thank you,
BridgeMill Board of Directors

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Board Information
Why do you want to serve on this Board?
What expertise do you have to be an impactful Board member?
What ideas do you have to improve the community?
What are top 2 things to improve property values here in BridgeMill?
Do you have experience working in small groups or projects, if yes, please give an example:

Previous Board Experience
Have you ever served on a nonprofit Board, volunteer committee, or an HOA committee/board?
If yes, what was the name:
Duration (years):
Were you an officer?
If you were an officer:
What office(s) did you hold:
List 3 accomplishments you personally achieved:
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Board of Directors Qualified Section
Are you able to commit to be a Board Member for at least 2 years?
Are you able to commit to two hours a week for Board communications?
Are you able to commit to attend monthly Board meetings on the second Monday of each month?
Do you have experience dealing with conflict resolution?
If yes, please give an example:
Do you have any known conflict of interest for serving on this Board?
If yes, please explain the conflict of interest:
Personal/Professional Information you would like to include not mentioned above: (500 words maximum)

Background Check
I will get a background check and provide it as part of the application process:
Applicant Agreement (By typing or signing my full name below, I affirm the information provided is accurate.) *